Welcome to Dragon Nest Europe! You are about to enter a vibrant world full of brave heroes, cunning villains, magic and never ending adventures. Your first choice after starting to play Dragon Nest is immediately the most significant one. Which class will you choose?


As a warrior, you will battle foes in fast-paced and engaging melee combat. Quick and agile, you will rely on close combat combos to triumph over your enemies.


At heart, the warrior is an optimist. He believes in keeping his weapons sharp and his wits even sharper. Fond of crude jokes, he sometimes comes across as an uncultured brute, but in battle he's clever and precise, relying on both raw strength and quick combos to gain the upper hand.

Such an attitude despite his upbringing is quite surprising, seeing that his mother was killed by monsters and his drill sergeant of a father walked out on him. None of this has dampened his spirit. On his quest to uncover the mysteries of his birth and lineage, he's going to find much more than what he bargained for.