[Account Transfer] Bind your account now!

by Team Dragon Nest on 3/11/2016 3:26:46 PM

Dragon Nest Europe service will be changing operators, and as of 16th March 2016 will be operated by Cherry Credits. Life will go on as normal in Althea, but there’s just one thing we need you all to do first: bind your account to a Cherry account!

In order to continue using your existing Dragon Nest Europe account, you will need to bind it to a new or existing Cherry Credits account as Shanda Europe account will no longer be valid for the game access after the game maintenance scheduled on 16th March 2016.

You can bind your Dragon Nest Europe account to your Cherry Credits account starting today, 11th March 2016 via https://dneu.cherrycredits.com/binding/login.

Do not do the account binding on any other website that the link given above, to protect your account. Be careful of phising websites attempting to steal your account data!

Early birds who bind their accounts between 11th March 2016 to 16th March 2016, 23:59 CET will get bonus rewards consisting of:

·         1x Starry Blue Sheep (Perm)

·         10x Dragon Box

·         1x Skill Up Heraldry Pouch

These rewards will be credited to you by 17th March 2016, 23:59 CET.

Please note that, for users who bind their account successfully by 16th March 2016, your Althea Crowns (AC) balance as of 16th March 2016 will be automatically converted to Cherry Credits (CC) based on a conversion rate derived via an official valuation process. For users who bind their account after 16th March 2016, your AC balance will be converted to CC upon successful binding. Your newly converted CC will be stored in your new or existing Cherry Credits account for use in the Dragon Nest Europe cash shop and other products offered by Cherry Credits platform.

That’s about it, so here’s to more adventures down the road!

If you have questions or are experiencing issues binding your account, please go to our F.A.Q. on the forums.

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