Shanda’s Seven Goodbye Events (9th – 15th March)

by Team Dragon Nest on 3/9/2016 10:18:53 AM

After 2.5 beautiful years, it is time for Shanda to say goodbye to Dragon Nest Europe and leave it in the capable hands of Cherry Credits. But we’re not saying goodbye without some events to thank you for the wonderful years! In the next seven days, you can enjoy the following seven events:

1.  Daily Nest Reset

Every day at 9 a.m. CET, all Nests will be reset.

2. Bonus EXP and Drop Rate

From the 9th until 15th March, you will be able to farm all you want with +100% Monster Hunt EXP, +100% Stage Clear EXP and +100% Drop Rate.

3.  Higher Enhancement Success Rate!

The chance to successfully upgrade a weapon or an armour is increased by 30% (multiplicative) during the event period.

4. Log in for Skill Jades and Fellowship Plates!

Every character level 80 or higher will receive the following every day:

1x Skill Dragon Jade Pouch (epic, lvl 70)
1x Skill Dragon Jade Pouch (epic, lvl 80)
2x Fellowship Plate Pouch (unique, level 80)

5. Daily Mystery Gifts

Every account will receive a mystery gift, every day. Want to know what today’s gift is? You will have to log in to see!

6. Clear Red Dragon Nest, get Dragon Boxes!

For every time you clear Red Dragon Nest (normal) between 9th and 14th March, you will receive 1 Dragon Box on 15th March. Be sure to make good use of the Daily Nest Resets! Boxes will be sent to your character’s Special Storage on 15th March, during the course of the day.

7. Rewards for Veteran Players

To show our appreciation to our long-term players, our veteran users will receive a special gift!

Characters who logged in before 1st October 2013 will receive a R2G Hat (Warrior/Archer/Sorceress/Cleric) of their choice, Golden Magnificent Wings, and a Gold Nimbus mount.

Characters who logged in before October 2015, will receive White Magnificent Wings and a Soft White Nimbus mount.

Rewards will be sent out tomorrow, 10th March, and can be retrieved until 15th March, 23:59.

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