[Event] New Year, New Nests (7th - 31st January)

by Team Dragon Nest on 1/7/2016 5:19:41 PM
Earn up to 1,700 DNP from this event by clearing the Nest of the day!

Check the following schedule to always be informed which Nest is due on what day and how many DNP you will get.

7th – 16th January, 50 DNP each

Thursday (7/1):                Minotaur Nest Solo
Friday (8/1):                     Cerberus Nest, Abyss
Saturday (9/1):                 Manticore Nest, Abyss
Sunday (10/1):                 Apocalypse Nest, Abyss
Monday (11/1):                Mare Oblivion Hardcore
Tuesday (12/1):               Archbishop Nest, Abyss
Wednesday (13/1):          Gigantes Nest, Abyss
Thursday (14/1):              Emerald Dragon Nest, Hardcore
Friday (15/1):                   Typhoon Kim Nest, Abyss
Saturday (16/1):               Professor K’s Nest, Abyss

17th – 28th January, 75 DNP each
Sunday (17/1):                 Desert Dragon Memoria I
Monday (18/1):                Desert Dragon Memoria II
Tuesday (19/1):               Desert Dragon Memoria III
Wednesday (20/1):          Desert Dragon Memoria IV
Thursday (21/1):              Desert Dragon Nest Hardcore
Friday (22/1):                  Guardian Nest, Abyss
Saturday (23/1):              Mist Nest, Abyss
Sunday (24/1):                Anu Arendel’s Ordeal Nest, Abyss
Monday (25/1):               Black Dragon Memoria I
Tuesday (26/1):               Black Dragon Memoria II
Wednesday (27/1):          Black Dragon Memoria III
Thursday (28/1):             Black Dragon Nest, Abyss

29th – 31st January, 100 DNP each

Friday (29/1):                 Volcano Nest, Abyss
Saturday (30/1):             Volcano Ordeal Nest, Abyss
Sunday (31/1):               Red Dragon Nest Memoria


The DNP are only given out once per account and per day. By clearing the Nest multiple times or on multiple characters you will not receive more DNP.
The runs for the daily Nest will be reset every business day at 10:00 CET. There will be no extra reset on Saturday and Sunday.
The DNP are given out the following day. DNP for Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nests are given out each following Monday.

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