[Event] Happy Hour: +100% DNP (Friday, 18:00 - Sunday, 24:00 CET)

by Team Dragon Nest on 2/26/2016 5:57:43 PM

If you top up AC between Friday, 18:00 and Sunday, 24:00 CET, you will get 100% DNP on top of your purchase!
- If you top up 3,500 AC, you will receive 3,500 AC + 3,500 DNP
- If you top up 25,000 AC, you will receive 25,000 AC + 25,000 DNP

The DNP will be added to your account on next day. If you charge AC on Friday, you will receive your DNP on Saturday over the course of the day.

Note: Every item in the Cash Shop is available for purchase via DNP.

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