[Event] Golden New Year's Eve (30th & 31st December)

by Team Dragon Nest on 12/30/2015 12:10:03 PM
Withdraw monthly items from the Xmas Deluxe Box during the event period and get 10,000 Gold per item!

How much Gold for how many items will you receive then?
1 Item = 10,000 Gold
2 Items = 20,000 Gold
3 Items = 30,000 Gold
4 Items = 40,000 Gold
5 Items = 50,000 Gold
What are the monthly items you need to get?
- Space Pod 420
- Frozen Sapphire Wings
- Frozen Sapphire Tail
- Frozen Sapphire Decal
- Snow Bird Spirit

Is there a limit to how much gold/how many items I can get?
Yes. Every character can only receive a maximum of 50,000 Gold for acquiring the respective maximum of 5 items.
You will not receive the gold directly. Instead, you will receive the epic "Nothing" item in stacks of 2x500 (each Nothing is worth 10 Gold). By selling this to any merchant, you will obtain the amount of gold you earned during the event.
The "Nothings" worth your earned gold amount will be sent to your character's Special Storage on January 4th.
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