[Event] Dark Mounts (Monday - Tuesday)

by Team Dragon Nest on 12/28/2015 10:58:19 AM
For every monthly item you draw out of a Deluxe Box between 28th and 29th December, you will get a dark mount of your choice for free!
Everyone who obtains a monthly item from a Deluxe Box during the event period will receive dark mounts in his Special Storage character's Special Storage on Wednesday, 30th December and can pick one.
What are the monthly items I need to get a dark mount?
- Space Pod 420
- Frozen Sapphire Wings
- Frozen Sapphire Tail
- Frozen Sapphire Decal
- Snow Bird Spirit
What will I get for these?
Black Dire Wolf
Noble Black Nine Tails
Kid Vicious
Note: The dark mounts will remain in your character's special storage for 7 days. So make sure to log in and get your items.
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